Earthkeeper's Collective’s is dedicated to a mission of honoring, supporting and reviving indigenous culture, spirituality and healing arts through writings, web offerings, workshops and giving back.


We are a collective of trained healing arts and energy medicine practitioners who each embody a particular area of expertise.  We have come together as a collective to make a powerful offering that will assist others so that they can be of greater service to our communities and our planet.



As a lawyer, scientist, writer and healing arts practitioner, Anasuya bridges the worlds of science and shamanism to help practitioners gain new science maps and increase their confidence in their shamanic work. 


She began studying and practicing meditation and yoga at age 19, subsequently healed repetitive stress injuries with Iyengar style yoga and studied Taijiquan (Tai Chi) for three years.  Anasuya earned her PhD in the area of solid-state physics and quantum devices.


After working as a scientist and engineer in computer chip development at Intel Corporation, she rejuvenated her yoga practice and earned yoga teacher certification, completed a healing arts certification and taught at the Four Winds Society. The certification combined North American medicine wheel maps with practices from the Q’ero lineage in Southern Peru. She subsequently completed a Sound Healing certification at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has also been a lifelong explorer of Pranayama, which she integrates into her practice and teachings.



Linda Fitch is a teacher, mentor and coach who has studied and worked with the medicine men and women of Peru for more than two decades.


The former CEO of the Four Winds Society, Dean of its Light Body School of Energy Medicine, and developer of the Dying Consciously Teacher Training program, she has trained thousands of students in shamanic healing techniques. She is known for her groundbreaking trainings and classes, and leads multiple sacred expeditions to Peru annually. Linda also maintains an active personal healing practice, working with clients around the globe.


Linda’s workshops and programs are a combination of her experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), shamanism, grief and ritual, archetypes and classic Psychopomp work. She specializes in delivering self-development training and seminars on personal growth subjects such as creating a life in balance, dreams as messages, sacred time, destiny, creating a positive life story, visioning or seeing what you desire, and living a shamanic or sacred path.

She has taught at Omega, Kripalu, Esalen, IONS, and Mount Madonna, helping countless healers and practitioners on their own sacred journey and to better serve their clients and their communities.



John Germain Leto combines business and brand coaching with healing arts to help practitioners create the full practice that they deserve. For the last 11 years, John has coached hundreds of people to greater success and spoken to thousands through seminars across the country. 


Despite a successful career in the entertainment industry working with artists like Beyoncé and Usher, John ached to make a bigger difference with his life.  Wanting to be of a greater service to others, he left that career behind to embark on his own highest soul path. 


After life-changing experiences in his own conscious awakening, he’s incorporated deep, soul-healing work into his business and brand coaching practice. It’s been an essential element in helping people to be on their highest path and move beyond just a positive mental attitude to a more sacred, heart-based life.  John’s works with people to help them succeed in stepping onto their highest path, create a brand identity that’s rooted in their truth, and to fulfill their soul’s journey through their life’s work.  


Living in the Southwest for nearly 60 years, Shari has embraced the influences and appreciation of Native American spirituality.  


She is a passionate teacher, private consultant, facilitator, and spiritual counselor,

with more than 30 years of experience as a 12 Step Spiritual mentor/sage. She has been initiated in the shamanic healing and spiritual traditions of the High Andes of Peru. She has worked individually with Master Shaman Porfirio “Chino” Sequeiros, who has given her specific instruction on dealing with addiction. She has integrated his teachings into her private practice and is dedicated to the education and empowerment of those seeking a deeper connection to life through personal development and spiritual experience.  


She advocates A Shaman’s Way of Being: 12 Step Spirituality, writes about spiritual practice, and has spoken internationally and nationally. Her approach blends the Hero’s Journey set forth by Joseph Campbell, the traditional Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) model of a 12 Step Program with ancient shamanic practices, and the results of cutting edge medical research, especially in the areas of neuroscience, nutrition, and biochemistry.



Claire is an empathic, intuitive practitioner who assists people to ignite a new inner fire so they can feel inspired, keep moving and enjoy life.


Having experienced a physical burn-out in earlier life, and having worked through many of the challenges of mid-life, Claire brings experience as well as extensive training to her practice.


Claire loves to work with groups where the work helps to shift energies of the past, enabling people to discover a new inner fire and to feel re-inspired.  She also works one-on-one in private practice. She has trained in several different bodywork modalities and shamanism.  She was previously a member of the teaching faculty of Dr Alberto Villoldo’s Four Winds Society Light Body School of Energy Medicine Training.


In addition to our Founding Teachers, participating and guest teachers have included Renee Baribeau, Marv & Shanon Harwood, Mateo Magee and Sandra Winslow.