Earthkeeper's Collective’s is  is committed to honoring and supporting the sustainability, health, and resilience of ecosystems and the people that inhabit them, with an emphasis on efforts that help mitigate and adapt to climate change.



Today, many are beginning to recognize and understand the complexity, the interconnectedness, the interdependence of life on earth.


People who have nurtured the sacred practices of their ancestors understand how to apply this spiritual perspective to live with other beings and nurture the ecosystems from which we human beings have been birthed and evolved.


The sacredness of this interconnectedness is felt in the rhythm of the Pacific ocean or the coolness of a redwood forest, in the gaze of a black bear or coyote, the sound of a gray whale or dolphin.


Today we must live with this knowledge every day and apply it to our work on the earth, we must activate this sacred wisdom to create a planet that is resilient and sustainable for human life.


In support of our movement, the EarthKeeper's Collective offers writings and web offerings which develop or sustain our spiritual connection to the earth and her peoples, and provide information about resources for you to act from this awareness - information on and possibilities to be involved in the support of Mother Earth and indigenous cultures, practices and businesses.

We believe in cultivating this holistic view, which does not conflict with scientific understanding, that all things big and small have import in our world and our ecosystems, in order to overcome the challenges we face due to climate change and environmental harm. 

In particular, we highlight indigenous traditions and practices of yoga and pranayama which originated in India, and that of the Q’ero of the Southern Peruvian Andes. We will provide resources to sustainability and climate change resiliency efforts in India, Peru, and Northern California, and expand from there.



As the founder of EarthKeeper's CollectionAnasuya brings her experience and knowledge in science and law, teaching, storytelling and healing arts to shine light on how to apply the sacred to activate change in our society. She began studying and practicing meditation and yoga at age 19, subsequently healed repetitive stress injuries with Iyengar style yoga and studied Taijiquan (Tai Chi) for three years.  Anasuya earned her PhD in the area of solid-state physics and quantum devices. 
After working as a scientist and engineer in computer chip development at Intel Corporation, she rejuvenated her yoga practice and earned yoga teacher certification, became a mesa carrier and learned ceremonial and healing practices from the Q’ero lineage in Southern Peru. She subsequently completed a Sound Healing certification at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has also been a lifelong explorer of Pranayama, which she integrates into her practice and teachings.